by Dead At The Scene




released June 2, 2010



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Dead At The Scene Edinburgh, UK

Dead At The Scene are making strides towards reconciling beauty and brutality through their own brand of progressive metal. Distinctive song structures, laced with melodic twists and technical tendencies, combine crushing breakdowns with catchy riffs. A passionate and intense live set showcases the bands desire to impress everyone who is willing to give them the chance. ... more

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Track Name: Daae
I wish you could see
What you do to me
If you only knew
I wish you could see
What you do to me

Christine, Christine
If only you knew

Sing with me once again

If only you knew what you're doing to me
Christine, Christine
Can't you see me?

I won't feel so bad if you forget me
I know you still sing for the broken heart
You placed here, you are still my Christine Daae

Walk with me
Let's sing it once again
Sing it once again

Sing with me, once again
Christine, Christine
Track Name: Echoes
Large fields, blue skies
When she sings her songs to me

I'm going to learn how to fly

When I fall into pieces
Will you pick me up?
Put me back together?

Then out of the blue
She flies into my arms and sings
With a voice so beautiful
Her songs still echo in my head

Large fields, blue skies
When she sings her songs to me

(Give me something I can call my own)
It's a shame you're only a dream

Give me something I can call my own

Nothing feels this good
Track Name: Turns Out He's Luke's Father
Now you've seen it
You had to spoil it for the rest of us
Shut your mouth
Or at least we'll have to shut it for you

You crawl through the broken glass

Could you not say a word?
It turns out he's Luke's father

Is this what you died for?

It's not the end

You think it's over
But it's only just begun